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  Vacation Rental Cleaning


At Details we want your vacation rental to look fresh and clean when each guest arrives.  


Here are just some of the cleaning services:

  1. All of the areas in the home will be cleaned, sanitized and polished.

  2. All fridges will be cleaned and food items disposed of

  3. Linens will be washed and replaced

  4. Trash will be emptied and disposed

  5. Furniture will get cleaned

  6. Tubs will be scrubbed 

  7. Will sweep garage and patio

  8. BBQ cleaned

Our cleaning specialist will look for any damages if any or excessive mess left by guests. We will then take images and report back to the owner.



"Cheree and the girls at Details are amazing. They have been lifesavers for our vacation rental management business several times. Always professional, going above and beyond, excellent cleaners and problem solvers. Any issues that have arose have been promptly addressed with a solution to make our lives easier. This business "gets it" and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable 5 star cleaning service in Victoria."

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